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As a result there was a race condition whereby puppet could sometimes fail to retrieve the exit status of child processes. Goodluck [2012/12/12 00:11:18] @ Quit: AbhayC: Ping timeout: 256 seconds [2012/12/12 00:12:53] eric0: thanks for your help. For the last forever, the Puppet catalog object has unable to remove resources correctly - they used the wrong key to remove items from an internal map. This commit checks that the file we intend to operate on exists. (#7592) Remove redundant call to String#to_s Previously, the augeas provider made calls like the following: @aug.get(key).to_s Since the Augeas#get Check This Out

This way there’s no ambiguity as to how the function is being called. The solution for this was to add some sort of explicit method of passing generic data around; for this case I added the template_options hash. Not sure about KVM [2009/09/10 01:10:40] Djelibeybi: do you know anything about its deployment methods? [2009/09/10 01:11:08] ohadlevy: I've built a Hackintosh on actual hardware before, but never in But with puppet > 0.24.6 you can use $var += "my text" [2009/09/10 07:20:36] telmich: yes ${var} works [2009/09/10 07:28:46] @ niczar1 joined channel #puppet [2009/09/10 07:40:44] @ ohadlevy joined

This change has meant that we needed to update the fact to support the different syntaxes for getting the environment. (Be warned, it’s kinda gnarly code.) Puppet 3 is FAST This This was caused ensure => 'latest' to fail as the provider couldn't adequately figure out what newer versions were actually availabe. Also, previously if the call to `read` failed, then the Tempfile would not be closed and deleted until its finalizer ran. ZZZzzz…)02:51 *** hesperaux has joined #puppet02:51 *** hesperaux__ has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)02:51 MikeSethso you could02:52 *** greatboy has joined #puppet02:52 greatboysome text02:53 ***

what might be the problem? [2012/12/12 10:52:28] dammit [2012/12/12 10:52:29] :( [2012/12/12 10:53:39] @ Quit: danblack: Ping timeout: 276 seconds [2012/12/12 10:53:46] @ andrewjsledge joined channel #puppet [2012/12/12 10:54:12] This commit also re-enables spec tests that were disabled on Windows. due to a locked file, or the system initiates a reboot (1641). Note that this vulnerability does not exist in Puppet as configured by default.

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science There’s a chance that you might not see this, as it might have already been fixed - but in case you do hit this, you’ll know what’s going on. This effectively delegates the behavior of preserving the file, etc. As a bonus, this fixes the base exec type to support specifying the command to run that very way, and making it good. (#14101) Improve deprecation warning for dynamic lookup The

they're often seperate mounts now [2012/12/12 04:29:40] I can of course write in /tmp or /root or whatever, so it's not a permissions prbolem [2012/12/12 04:29:52] _rc: its only Security Fixes CVE-2013-4761 (resource_type Remote Code Execution Vulnerability) By using the resource_type service, an attacker could cause Puppet to load arbitrary Ruby files from the puppet master server’s file system. Millichamp, Stefan Schulte, Todd Zullinger Puppet 2.7.19 Ruby 1.9.3 has a different error when require fails. This commit updates the initctl call to remove the leading space from the --version argument, and also replaces the implicit SemVer comparisons with wrapper functions that call out to Puppet::Util::Package.versioncmp to

By creating a path on the master in a world-writable location that matches a command string, one can then make a file bucket request to execute that command. https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppet/pull/1295 [2012/12/12 10:18:08] @ RhinoDude left channel #puppet () [2012/12/12 10:18:24] @ timops joined channel #puppet [2012/12/12 10:18:31] Hi, I'm trying to add some features to the network device module. While network-interface takes and interface argument, network-interface-security takes a job argument. It was also hugely ambiguous around - as minus, and led to all sorts of failures - unexpected interpolations to nothing - because of that.

CVE-2012-3408 Agents with certnames of IP addresses can be impersonated (low) If an authenticated host with a certname of an IP address changes IP addresses, and a second host assumes the CVE-2012-3865 Arbitrary file delete/D.O.S on Puppet Master from authenticated clients (high) Given a Puppet master with the “Delete” directive allowed in auth.conf for an authenticated host, an attacker on that host Because the test was broken we also ran into a situation where this simply wasn't noticed - and, presumably, we simply didn't depend on this in the real world enough to However, many accounts, e.g.

If you don’t do this, you’ll probably get this error: Failed to apply catalog: Could not intern from pson: source '"#

Reload to refresh your session. Compound that over a few nights... [2009/09/10 08:39:21] trying to fix that now that I have a "real job" ;) [2009/09/10 08:39:23] @ Quit: descala: [2009/09/10 08:39:33] :-) [2009/09/10 It will bite you, and it will bite you hard.

Bug #18028 puppet agent gets disabled for good on full filesystems Added by Frederic Schaer over 3 years ago.

One significant part of this release is with Telly, Puppet is going to adhere to semantic versioning. By creating a hard link of a Puppet-managed file to an arbitrary file that the Puppet master can read, an attacker forces the contents to be written to the puppet run So for string it looks suspicious but is not :-) [2009/09/10 08:34:38] I'll pastie it, but it's the error I pasted above occurring multiple times when using --debug [2009/09/10 08:35:28] Using the symlink attack described in Bug #13511 the puppet master can be caused to read from a stream (e.g. /dev/random) when either trying to save a file or read a

Exclude helperscripts when searching inside `/etc/init.d`. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up puppet Error: Could not autoload puppet/provider/package/rpm: No child processes up vote 0 down vote favorite I am new to puppet and linux. I would like to be able to contact the master with --server 192.168..... [2012/12/12 03:48:24] @ erkules_ is now known as erkules [2012/12/12 03:48:31] @ lnwdr joined channel #puppet [2012/12/12 03:49:03] Mostly borrowed from the official Fedora 17 package. (#15471) Fix setting mode of last_run_summary The writlock function didn't work with setting the mode on the last_run_summary file.

Mixing versions of Puppet on the same node If you have puppet installed both as a gem and a package, and one version is 3.0 and the other is 2.x, things Dealing with dynamic scoping is going to be the largest issue you’re going to have to contend with. This commit returns the summary to being world readable which undoes part of the change done in fd44bf5e6d0d360f6a493d663b653c121fa83c3f Use Win32 API atomic replace in replace_file The changes to enable Windows support This causes the file mode to change unnecessarily across puppet runs.

However, the exit status is 0. There’s user, agent, and master, and retrieving the right setting depends on the right mode, and there is madness and mayhem. Instead of trying to migrate your entire site at once, you can update hosts one by one to use a Puppet 3.0 master. but the command "where ruby" only returns one [2012/12/12 10:24:15] @ Quit: viranch: Ping timeout: 260 seconds [2012/12/12 10:24:28] @ xenoplanar joined channel #puppet [2012/12/12 10:24:50] zipkid: updated the module

All module application now use the interface exposed by the `lib/puppet/forge.rb` module. The module upgrade tests all make the assumption that this parent directory exists. Evaluate node classes either in top or node scope Classes that are tied to a node should be preferred to be evaluated in the node scope, but if we don't have We're subclassing numeric to force non-discrete range behavior.

For instance, look at this defined type: class nginx::status($monitorport = '70') { nginx::vhost { "status": template => "nginx/vhost-status.conf.erb", } } And this associated template: server { listen<%= monitorport %>; server_name The recent change to improve augeas testing, removed the dependency on this feature being installed, so these tests started failing. So if you were hoping to use this to try to test lexical scoping over dynamic scoping in 2.7.x… nope. :( Hiera API changes Good news: hiera 1.0 has been added During the same run, it writes out its signed cert, which is now executable.

This commit updates the initctl call to remove the leading space from the --version argument, and also replaces the implicit SemVer comparisons with wrapper functions that call out to Puppet::Util::Package.versioncmp to