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For incremental backups, new files are saved normally in the tarfile. If ommitted and sign key is also one of the keys to encrypt against PASSPHRASE will be reused instead. Increase the log verbosity and then try to reproduce the problem. Does anyone have an answer of why the list is not showing anymore? this contact form

The --compare-data option enables data comparison (see below). Alternatively you can let duplicity generate access token itself. For reasons having to do with how the Amazon S3 service works, this also requires the use of the --s3-use-new-style option. See Also rdiffdir(1) , python(1) , rdiff(1) , rdiff-backup(1) .

This ensures that sticky requests, requests containing HTTP Session cookie, are routed to the same back-end application server where this session cookie originated. If you are backing up the root directory /, remember to --exclude /proc, or else duplicity will probably crash on the weird stuff in there. If not specified, the default secret keyring is used which is usually located at .gnupg/secring.gpg --encrypt-sign-key key-id Convenience parameter. Unlike the --exclude option, this option does not match files in a directory it matches.

Ensure file ownership and permissions are correct. It uses the gpg’s --hidden-recipient command to obfuscate the owner of the backup. Finally there is the --ssl-no-check-certificate option to disable certificate verification alltogether, in case some ssl library is missing or verification is not wanted. A given file is excluded by the file selection system exactly when the first matching file selection condition specifies that the file be excluded; otherwise the file is included.

GET / For more information, see the s_client man page. 15.3.19 How do I analyze SSL/TLS connections? Content is available under GNU General Public License unless otherwise noted. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.  

0 0 02/18/13--20:01: Re: Course backup fails on SOME courses Contact If you need support with using the administration interfaces, the name of the command-line subcommand or the title of the Fusion Middleware Control screen for which you require help.

See Section 1.7.1, "Accessing WebLogic Scripting Tool." 15.3.10 Why is a certificate warning message displayed when I tried to access the WLST for the first time? AND itemname = ?", array(backup::VAR_BACKUPID, backup_helper::is_sqlparam($itemname))); } } // We don't annotate anything there, but rely in the next step // (move_inforef_annotations_to_final) that will change all the // already saved 'inforref' Increase the verbosity of the server log, and try to reproduce the problem. If a user name is given, the environment variable FTP_PASSWORD is read to determine the password: FTP_PASSWORD=mypassword duplicity /local/dir ftp://[email protected]/some_dir Actions Duplicity knows action commands, which can be finetuned with options.

if ($this->task->is_excluding_activities()) { return false; } return true; } protected function define_structure() { // Define each element separated. $badges = new backup_nested_element('badges'); $badge = new backup_nested_element('badge', array('id'), array('name', 'description', 'timecreated', 'timemodified', Dynamically discovered, SSL/TLS-enabled Oracle WebLogic Server origin servers. As such, this option is now used only to change the location of the archive directory. INSTANCE_HOME/admin-server/config-store/config_name/backup/date_time.zip The latest server and access log files.

WHERE bi.backupid = ? http://outwardsound.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-set-norm.html The symbolic name is currently only used to affect the expansion of --archive-dir , but may be used for additional features in the future. Unlike --exclude, this option will also match parent directories of matched files (although not necessarily their contents). If the target URL comes before the local folder a restore is in order, is the local folder before target URL then this folder is about to be backed up to

Kill the process, by running the following command: kill pid pid is the process ID that you noted in step 2. 15.2.6 Unable to restart the administration server In Linux systems, i did update to 2.1.7 from 2.1.5 with no errors. Depending on access token kind it may be: Full Dropbox: path is absolute and starts from ’Dropbox’ root folder. navigate here Firstly, many of the files duplicity creates will have the time in their filenames in the w3 datetime format as described in a w3 note at http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime.

The include, exclude, include-filelist, and exclude-filelist options accept some extended shell globbing patterns. Look for messages of type WARNING, ERROR, and INCIDENT_ERROR. Note: The default (=unconditional) route cannot be deleted through Fusion Middleware Control and the WLST, and should not be deleted manually. 15.4 Contacting Oracle for Support If you have a service

See the FILE SELECTION section for more information. --log-fd number Write specially-formatted versions of output messages to the specified file descriptor.

The option string will be passed verbatim to both scp and sftp, whose command line syntax differs slightly hence the options should therefore be given in the long option format described To save bandwidth, duplicity generates full signature sets and incremental signature sets. It stores this information in the form of tarfiles where each entry’s data contains the signature (as produced by rdiff) of the file instead of the file’s contents. Information You Should Provide to Oracle Support When you contact Oracle for support, provide the following information.

Before Contacting Oracle Support Before contacting Oracle Support, do the following: Try all the appropriate diagnostics and troubleshooting guidelines described in this document Oracle Traffic Director Administrator's Guide). However, it wouldn’t match /home even if /home/ben/1234567 existed. Claim or contact us about this channel Embed this content in your HTML Search confirm cancel Report adult content: click to rate: Account: (login) More Channels Showcase RSS Channel Showcase 8410560 his comment is here Unlike the --include and --exclude options, the regular expression options don’t match files containing or contained in matched files.

a Note on Swift (openstack Object Storage) Access Swift is the OpenStack Object Storage service. See REQUIREMENTS above. The files used by duplicity to store backup data are tarfiles in GNU tar format. On the other hand --include /usr/local specifies that /usr, /usr/local, /usr/local/lib, and /usr/local/lib/netscape (but not /usr/doc) all be backed up.

Note the process ID that this command returns. Allows the user to specify folders that they do not wish to backup by adding a specified file (e.g. ".nobackup") instead of maintaining a comprehensive exclude/include list.