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Error Cannot Modify An Lbtype That Is A Version Map

An lsview on a CCRC view will show a view attribute of "snapshot". If creating an element from a pre-existing file, it is necessary to copy the file into the VOB directory first, thus creating a view-private file. Change the scope of a type. Misc. That is, there may be many DO versions of a DO, but rmdo will only remove the one that is in the current view. # ct rmdo DO(s) Some useful options: this contact form

Operator ASCII art What crime would be illegal to uncover in medieval Europe? Why place camera inside box, during court? To speed up referencing the CR in the currrent view during subsequent builds, a compressed file called .cmake.state is stored in the directory in which the build was started. The output of the tar will have a CR associated with it listing the versions of the saved elements. # clearaudit -c "tar cvf tarfile file(s)" Table of Contents View a

An attribute can be applied to almost any object in CC. Web Authoring Integration Wizard. ClearCase File Server (CCFS) MicroSoft Service for Unix (MS-SFU or WSFU) File access between operating systems.

cleartool lsbl -long cleartool describe -ahlink BaselineLbtype baseline: SCENARIO 1: If the "lsbl -long" says ... However, I don't know what the warning is for. YA novel involving immortality via drowning What's the most robust way to list installed software in debian based distros? Your error message is seen in the IBM technote "Creating a child stream in a ClearCase MultiSite environment results in Error" The root cause for the problem is that baselinelbtype on

There are files in the parent folder that are on diffeent branches: Y:\test_label?ct ls [email protected]@\main\1 Rule: \main\LATEST [email protected]@\main\0 Rule: \main\LATEST Y:\test_label\Folder1?ct ls [email protected]@\main\br1\1 Rule: ...\br1\LATEST [email protected]@\main\br2\1 Rule: ...\br2\LATEST [email protected]@\main\br3\1 Rule: ...\br3\LATEST If the name is unknown, go to the command-line in that VOB and type "ct lstype -attype". ClearQuest integration Back to the TOP Overview Derived Objects Back to the TOP Derived objects. and the "describe -ahlink" shows Hyperlinks: BaselineLbtype -> then it suggests that the label type object cannot be found in the component VOB.

Remove an attribute type. (rmtype) Attach an attribute. (mkattr) Remove an attribute from an element. (rmattr) Modify an object's attribute value. Header target, host info, time, view and initial working dir MVFS objects each MVFS file read during the build (versioned & view-private) Non-MVFS files explicitly mentioned by the makefile but not Table of Contents Remove an element. How to make my logo color look the same in Web & Print?

Reset the CC/CQ integration CQ login. Table of Contents Remove derived objects (DO). Read an attribute value. cleartool rename baseline:@\ baseline:@\ Check if the lbtype is renamed by doing a: cleartool descr -l baseline:@\.

cleartool: Error: Unable to get closure from foundation. http://outwardsound.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-connect-to-orb.html Table of Contents Change an attribute type's constraints. This is my pillow Can I cite email communication in my thesis/paper? Attempting to rebase to an unlabeled baseline will give a different error.

Acceptable operators are: ==, !=, <, <=, > and >=. CQ does not need to be installed on the CC VOB server. Unshared is defined as only being in a view's private storage area. navigate here Moved label 'Milestone_5' on 'Baseline Suffixes.txt' from versio n '\main\TEST_Integration\2' to '\main\TEST_Integration\3'. ================================================================ ================= Local fix Problem summary The use of Move label in version tree was confusing to the user

If you choose to associate the private branch with the existing rules, the -mkbranch options for the integration branch will be replaced by the -mkbranch for the private branch, essentially branching There is no way to delete an element from a GUI. Using this for any other reason corrupts your UCM data.

See the mkpool command for information on setting the pool scrubbing parameters. 8) See the view_scrubber command for the scrubbing of DOs from a view.

Right-click on the view and select "Show ClearCase View Configuration", then in the white space right-click and select "Edit Configuration". Table of Contents Error messages. dw-ratdisc-admin/Raleigh/[email protected] Sent by: [email protected] 09/07/2005 03:33 PM Please respond to cciug To [email protected] cc Subject cciug Re: Re:Version map for baseline "BNS_Architecture_Mainline_9_7_2005.6691" is unavailable. Table of Contents Get a branch object.

That is, if code.c has been removed from the current version of the local directory. # ct ln [email protected]@/main/older-version/code.c code.c The older-version is that last version of the current directory in If an image is rotated losslessly, why does the file size change? There are methods listed as collection objects, such as Elements, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get that collection, other than building the collection in a loop. his comment is here Why do languages require parenthesis around expressions when used with "if" and "while"?

cleartool: Error: Version map for baseline is unavailable. In Windows, access the properties sheet of the CC object. Table of Contents Remove a branch. # ct rmbranch [email protected]@/main/branch-name Table of Contents Create a branch type. Need to be at least the object's owner to change its permissions.

If the new element is not empty, /main/1 will be created and checked in. Attributes Back to the TOP Create an attribute type. (mkattype) Modify an attribute type. Attach a trigger to a specific element. (mktrigger) Prompt users with/for information. (clearprompt) Ensure duplicate element names are not used (evil twin). clearcase configuration-management share|improve this question asked Aug 31 '12 at 15:07 ajay bidari 2672417 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 8 down vote accepted The simplest

In Windows, unknown if it's possible. That is, it can be constrained to apply only to versions, only to branches or only to the element itself. In the ClearQuest tab (prior to CC 4.0), choose the schema with which to integrate and select Update ClearQuest Schema. If the checkout is another vi

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