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Greyhound Lying Down


All it takes to train them is food. My uncle Flynn however,never sat once in his,whole life as far as we know. Also how uncomfortable they both look! Monty and Harlow Little Reufus I love this post.

Act silly. Bart Sue Muir Foster dog Chips has had 2 short ‘sitting' lessons and is getting the idea really well. As long as there is no possibility they could hurt something they shouldn't then I'm prepared to take the risk that they may hurt themselves …. Also notice that they are on cushions.

Greyhound Lying Down

That was all very interesting about their tight muscles. me). Tom Trickle 15.062 görüntüleme 10:18 REALLY COOL. He is wonderful, but he can't sit (although he does it very well for cheese!).

  1. If your to lazy for that try without first - can't hurt.
  2. Greyhounds can’t be off lead except in fenced areas.
  3. Now by the end of a week with a few minutes here or there and no real effort I'm guessing you'll have something that looks like an approximation of sit.
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  5. One question asked was why Greyhounds can't sit.  Actually, they can, but sometimes their physiology makes it tougher for them than for other dogs.  Greyhounds have incredibly tight muscles across their

Need new patio furniture? Life is miserable lived that way and not just in respect to dogs. Teaching your dog to sit can open up a lot of possibilities for a retired greyhound. Greyhound Obedience Training As your hound gets the hang of this hold a split second before clicking while the hound is in the sit position, then click and treat.

More questions My greyhound Sitting down? Having said that, there are exceptions to that rule. If your hound isn't doing it right, you didn't train him right. It's not neat-and-tidy, but it's a sit.

During this time she has learned to sit and has become very successful at Staying-put on command. Can Greyhounds Go Hiking I've had some here that will sit for a minute or two, and I've had some for around four years that have never sat. Vet is saying dog has tumor? Ask a question usually answered in minutes!

How To Teach A Greyhound To Sit

This is the first time she has ever done such a thing. Do it again and again and they get the hint. Greyhound Lying Down Surely, any dog is capable of getting it wrong and running off and into trouble. Funny Things Greyhounds Do But if you look at my photos and videos you will very rarely see Beryl on lead.

Check out /r/AdoptAGreyhound Shopping for your hound or hound-lover? Also you may notice that unlike other sits, the dog isn't balancing on their back legs, this may make it easier for them. Most of us barely notice our hound if he's being quiet or chewing on a bone instead of a slipper. Be creative. Greyhound Does Not Sit

Eventually your hound will start to lay down. I taught Beryl to sit and it took a while and I have never seen her sit for comforts sake. Thanks!ReplyDeleteElizMay 2, 2011 at 5:09 PMSandy, I've had really good luck teaching fosters and my own hound to sit this way, it just takes some good timing, great treats, and patience.ReplyDeletedisobedientchildApril Repeat the above process three or four times per session and have four or five sessions per day.

Make it fun Draw on your dog's natural abilities and interests. How To Teach A Greyhound To Lay Down Nikki's is funny because she splays her back legs out real far. Phyllis August 12, 2013 | Reply Hi, I adopted my first greyhound after losing my "heart dog", Princess in April.

They both love to hunt and I'm lucky enough to have access to a huge area where we rarely see any people, dogs or vehicles.

My uncle Flynn however,never sat once in his,whole life as far as we know. Oturum aç 1 Yükleniyor... And now I know, I can play the greyhound card when I don't sit! … … … huh? Can Greyhounds Live In Apartments Your dog thinking something is broken, after all he or she did what you asked but did not receive aforementioned treat of greatness -usually the dog tries again. (Or if your

Why can't some greyhounds sit down? Thanks for teaching me something new! My Human knew that greyhounds could "crouch" and some actually sit like I do when I relax…all sloppy like…but we were interested to learn about their musculature. but i guess that is normal.

I have only owned a Greyhound for 10 1/2 months so I’m no expert. Lawrence Matthews Jr 5.094 görüntüleme 7:11 Greyhound Rescue - Süre: 10:18. It does however produce a crooked sit, I didn't care, even when I was competing I was doing so for fun. Thank you, thank you so much.

The uninitiated are always amazed at how “small” a sleeping 30kg Greyhound can be. When called from a distance I have to be careful that there are no other folk (particularly children in the shortest line between her and myself) she responds instantly and dashes He was pretty anxious at first but settled in after a few days with lots of petting and gentle praise. It may be the way they are being trained.

Anyways, you get the point you keep giving them the kibble treat mix until the dog's butt comes up off the ground at which point you stop. Yükleniyor... Çalışıyor... I burst into tears, felt physically ill and vowed to find a better way to communicate with my dogs. The breed's back ends are so powerful and muscular, it doesn't surprise me that sitting is difficult in the beginning.