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Webkinz Customer Support


Create GanzWorld Username You'll need a username for your GanzWorld account. Where do I buy new Webkinz/Lil'Kinz pets? Also, if your child does not log in to their account for 18 months it will be archived. Then click on one of the options under ‘Adoption Issues or Questions about secret code’ and fill out the form that applies to your situation.

You can see all of the different Webkinz Pets in the "Pets" section of the Kinzapedia on Webkinz Newz. Answer Questions Can someone help me find this doll? The Crown of Wonder is the first wearable trophy! Click "Download" to install the Internet Explorer.

Webkinz Customer Support

Your KinzCash™ balances will be combined. Just one more step! Click on the "Settings" tab. How many Webkinz pets are there?

  1. Do all my Webkinz Pets have to be on the same account?
  2. We want to change our username.
  3. Please enter your first name First Name: The collection of your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy.
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  5. The INVITE button on your cell phone is only available if your friend is online, too.
  6. You can certainly sell the Crown afterwards, if you really want to.
  7. When you see it, click 'power' and then click the show you'd like to watch (choose 'random' if you want the TV to pick the show for you).
  8. Ask a question usually answered in minutes!
  9. Your new GanzWorld account will use your Webkinz Newz username () and password.

However, it is up to the retailers to price them. Follow the instructions to download and install the player. Can you give me some free KinzCash? Webkinz Forgot Username If that doesn't work, just log out of Webkinz World and then log back in.

Newly released Webkinz Pets may take a week or so to arrive at your local store, but you can always go in and pre-order them. Webkinz Homepage Torinate #5 Torinate, Mar 27, 2011 Iloveiphones Genius Platinum Joined: Aug 5, 2010 Likes Received: 234 Torinate said: ↑ Thanks. I spent all my money on Webkinz animals as a kid, and now I feel like it was a waste because I can do practically nothing. :( :( :( Log in Click to open it.

Follow the instructions to download and install the player. How To Get Your Old Webkinz Account Back Because filling up Pet Care hearts will earn you BONUS KinzCash and Family Score! If you still do not see any secret letters then we have the following suggestions: Go to www.adobe.com to update or get a new Flash Player: Click on the Downloads menu Log in to Reply Kittygirl101First says: August 24, 2014 at 12:04 pm Is it fixed yet?

Webkinz Homepage

How do I play Gem Hunt? Unfortunately, you will not be able to sell this gem to Arte. Webkinz Customer Support First, you adopt your pet and name it. Webkinz Parent Login We're sure you'll find what you were missing.

Why didn't I get my award? You can answer quizzes in Quizzy's Question Corner and enter contests, too. We do not permit any third-party advertising through usernames on Webkinz World. By filling up Pet Care Hearts you will also earn BONUS KinzCash and Family Score! I Forgot My Webkinz Password And Email

The more you play and take care of them, the faster you'll fill it! To offer you a better and broader online experience, we're upgrading all our Webkinz Newz and Ganz Parent Club user accounts to GanzWorld accounts. How does selling gems work? If the walk button is active, and your pet still isn't moving, please click 'map' and then click on another room in your house.

ACCOUNT AND ADOPTION ISSUES Issues with your account, the adoption process, and what you get for each adoption. How To Make A Parent Account On Webkinz How do I get eStore points? To make sure your new Webkinz pet gets on the same account, click “Log In”, enter your username and password and then click ADOPT A NEW PET.

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When does my Full Membership expire? If your Webkinz pets are on two separate accounts and you would like them to be on the same account, the accounts must be merged. If you had already found your gem before you were logged out, it was added to your collection. Webkinz Account Archived Click 'next' to continue.

Your Secret Code is around the ankle of your Webkinz pet. How do I renew my account? One Adoption Code only gets you one Webkinz WorldTM account, which can only be played on by one person at a time. Press "buy now" to buy the item.

Please be aware that if we do this, you will lose all pets, KinzCash, rooms, and items you have accumulated on your account. We are always making great new stuff to add to Webkinz World, though, so keep your eyes on the Newz and the W Shop to find when any new items are Please log back into Webkinz World and check your gem collection. If you have completed a job and are still wondering what happened to your KinzCash, don't forget, like other things in Webkinz World, like the Arcade and Quizzy's for example, KinzCash

Would that even matter? When did Webkinz World begin? Be sure to visit him and buy an item or give him a tip everyday, and he will recognize you in no time! The collection of your personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy.

My plush Webkinz Pet didn’t come with an Adoption Code tag All Webkinz Pets must be sold with an Adoption Code. Enter our contest by typing "Trick or Treat" in the comments below before 3:30PM for a chance to win of 10 Trick or Treat Doors! Keep your eyes on the "Today's Activities" page or watch for a Today’s Announcement to find out when exactly it will be available. Expand» Details Details Existing questions More Tell us some more Upload in Progress Upload failed.

Make sure you are entering your Adoption Code correctly. Both Quizzy's and the Employment Office show you the total amount of KinzCash you have earned, but that KinzCash has already been put on your account. How do I make a Wish List? What do I do?

You can also get coupons from the "Today's Activities" page to buy items at the W Shop. Where can I find more information?