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How To Remove Poke Option On Facebook


As previously outlined, Facebook has yet to offer a toggle for poking.If you’re a Facebook user, pokes may be forever part of your online experience. FB Purity has a built in option for hiding the Trending Topics box, just tick the "Hide Trending Topics" option on the FBP options screen. You might just like it :) N.B if you are stuck with I.E due to workplace restrictions on installing software, you could try using a "portable" version of Firefox, Chrome or Another option which makes it even more likely you will receive the news as it happens, as it actually gives you a notification whenever theres an important post about FB Purity. navigate here

The browsers that FB Purity work with are Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari. Of course, they could create a new account and poke you again, but you can use this zen method of removing the poke feature for every new poke that arrives.If you Its a browser extension that removes the annoying quiz messages and other silly app spam from your fb homepage. FB Purity is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera and Maxthon.

How To Remove Poke Option On Facebook

e.g Windows, Linux, Mac etc. Facebook actually removed the word “remove” from the option to cancel a poke sent by another user, which was the initial basis of the name of this web site. Questions? If it's not, what are you waiting for—send it! [click here]!

When there is new news on the FBP Fan page, a small red notification box will be displayed under the FBP link at the top of the facebook page along with Also, and probably even more tragically, Facebook has yet to make the poke feature of their service optional.It seems a simple “toggle” (on/off switch) would do the trick, right? Is FB Purity available for Internet Explorer? How To Remove Poke Notifications On Facebook It does this by letting you filter out the spam, such as ads, quizzes and games etc, and also the messages such as "Person X likes Page Y", "Person X joined

FBP has filter options for most different story types that show up in the newsfeed. The way it works is you download scripts (small sets of custom instructions) for the sites you want to alter, once installed the script changes the page in some useful way, Someday we may see a remove poke option on Facebook. Where Can I Download FB Purity?

How much does FB Purity cost? How Do I Remove A Poke On Facebook I Sent Accidentally Home Install Features User Guide Help / FAQ CSS News Reviews Donate Fan Page Contact Search Please show your support for FB Purity by donating FB Purity Frequently Asked Questions / Nobody knows the true meaning of a poke (or if there really is only one meaning). It should also work with compatible browsers, for example Vivaldi, Slimjet and Avant Browser are compatible with Chrome, so the Chrome version of the extension should work with those browsers.

Can I Unpoke Someone On Facebook

If your version of Windows 10 has the latest updates installed, your version of Edge now supports extensions. A web browser extension is a program that extends and enhances the functionality of your web browser (the program you use to browse the web), and gives you extra functionality and How To Remove Poke Option On Facebook FB Purity is donationware, which means if you like the script / extension and it helps you out and you appreciate and respect the hard work put into this, you can Accidentally Poked Someone On Facebook What is Greasemonkey?

clo remove poke removepoke.com is a curatorial exposé of the Facebook phenomenon. check over here What is a Web Browser extension (also known as an add-on)? ask Submit Don't get fooled!Virus, app or spam?Disable Facebook Poke Disable Facebook Poke Some find it annoying while others think it’s the most fun you can have in a web browser. Maybe. How To Undo A Poke On Facebook

What Web Browsers are compatible with FB Purity? See the FB Purity features page for the full list of what FBP can do. That user will never be able to poke you again. his comment is here Full instructions here.

What operating systems are compatible with FB Purity? How To Delete A Poke You Sent Greasemonkey is an add-on on for the Firefox web browser (and certain other browsers too), that lets you alter the way websites are displayed to you in your browser. Alternatively you can click the "X" to dismiss the notification.These notifications are important as the FBP Fan page has news about new releases of FBP, and any big changes that Facebook

The operating system doesn't really matter, so it should work fine on Windows 10,8,7, Linux, MacOS, basically whichever operating systems will run the following web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and

If your stuff is here, you're part of that phenomenon! If you want instant notification of updates, you can subscribe to FB Purity updates via SMS on the FB Purity Twitter page. *UPDATE* The latest version of FB Purity has a To enable notifications when I post an update, go to the FBP Fan Page and hover over the "Liked" button, then select "Get Notifications". How To Remove A Pokemon Stop Notes (0) feather 2.0 by eric hu FB Purity FAQ - Clean Up Your Facebook Homepage If you're tired of seeing quiz results and other silly facebook application stories, you need

If you want further proof Internet Explorer is bad, check this worrying graph ;-). Why not try out a new web browser? Alternatively You might like to subscribe to the Fluff Busting Purity News RSS feed, Fluff Busting Purity News, you can also subscribe to the news feed via email. weblink Leaving just the messages you want,e.g status updates, links, photos, etc.

No luck on that yet, sorry!If you wish for others not to poke you, assuming they have poked you, just leave the poke intact and don’t return the poke… EVER. How can i hide all posts in the newsfeed telling me what my friends have liked (& reacted to) or commented on? Get the FB Purity browser add-on/extension on Edge (Click link) Can I Hide the "Trending" Topics box from the right hand side of the newsfeed? If you don't want to receive this information or don't like these built in FBP news notifications, you can turn them off via the FBP options screen.

Please note that FB Purity will not run on mobile / tablet browsers on Iphone or Android, or the IPad / Ipad2 / Ipad3 / IOS etc as they are not Though in order to make sure you get the updates, you should subscribe to the FB Purity News Interest List: that should make sure that posts from this page appear in Fluff Busting (FB) Purity is a web browser add-on that helps you to take control of your Facebook experience.